Gear Up Delhiites, Something Special Is Coming Your Way! 

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, said on Sunday..

UAE On A Crypto Adoption Spree: First Dogecoin-Themed Eatery Opens In Dubai 

In another victory for Dogecoin with regard to mainstream adoption..

How To Prepare Irresistible Pongal In Easy Steps At Home?

As a celebration of the harvest, it corresponds to Makara..

Dear Vegans, Brace Yourself For A Special Treat From KFC In 2022

In a sign of a growing market for vegan products, KFC will..

5 Comfort Malaysian Foods You Should Ideally Try Out

Known for its rich and diverse flavors, Malaysian food &..

How French Are French Fries

There is no doubt that French fries are one of..

Gordon Ramsay’s Cookbook Suggestions For All Epicures Online

Foodies and gluttons must have heard Gordon Ramsay’s name somewhere..

Salt Bae: An Internet Sensation Despite Being A Punching Bag Of Critics

Salt Bae, aka Nusret Gökçe, is a Turkish chef, food..

Swiggy StatEATstics Report 2021: What Did Your City Eat This Year?

Dear Foodies and Gluttons, let’s explore 2021’s most exciting ordering..

From Crypto Chai To Bitcoin Samosa, This Bengaluru Restaurant Amuses Internet

The Indian food business has always been amusing the food..

Healthy Indian Snacks Parents Can Easily Make For Their Kids

Most Indian snacks are not so renowned for being healthy...

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