Gear Up Delhiites, Something Special Is Coming Your Way! 

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, said on Sunday that Chandni Chowk and Majnu Ka Tila will be developed into food centres as part of a scheme to address the issue of unemployment.  

“Unemployment is a significant issue nowadays. Delhi also has several jobless people. We have helped 12–13 lakh young people get work in the previous few years, and our goal is to create 20 lakh jobs over the next five years “CM Kejriwal remarked. 

The Delhi CM said the following when discussing the food hubs: “Within the next five years, we intend to create jobs. As a result, Delhi, recognized as India’s culinary capital, will get revamped food hubs. Different marketplaces in Delhi sell cuisine from Punjab to Tibet. Their physical infrastructure—roads, power, and sanitation—will be improved as well.” 

“Food safety standards of these food hubs will be raised, and we’ll make sure they adhere to all hygienic regulations. We will rebuild two hubs in phase I. First to be renovated are Majnu-ka-Tila and Chandni Chowk, “Delhi CM added further. 

To select the architectural company for the food hub project, the government will organize a design competition. “There will be a design competition, and the top architectural companies in the nation will be invited to showcase their work. Within 12 weeks, we’ll strive to get a design finalized and hire them. All further food hubs would be located and renovated in the next phase,” Kejriwal said. 

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, on Saturday unveiled a “free” Spoken English programme for kids that will help them improve their communication skills and employment chances. With a 950 rupee deposit, anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 may enrol in the programme. After the course is successfully completed, this sum will be repaid. 

“A spoken English curriculum is being introduced for children who struggle to communicate (in the English Language). This course will be taught by our Delhi Skill Entrepreneurship University. Students who have finished up to grade 12 but lack effective communication skills may enrol in the course. People with rudimentary English skills up to grade 8 who are having trouble finding work can also enrol in the course,” added Kejriwal. 

The Delhi CM said, “This would assist one’s personality to grow and increase the student’s employment chances.” According to the Chief Minister, Phase 1 of the initiative would first teach close to 1 lakh children before extending it further. 

“We will teach up to 1 lakh students in Phase 1 at 50 centres around Delhi in a single year. It would be enlarged after that. This three to four-month programme is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 35,” Kejriwal said, adding, “Timings might be adjusted. It is totally unrestricted. However, a security payment of Rs 950 will be retained and returned upon the course’s successful completion.” 

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