Guinness World Records: World’s Highest Tea Party Was Held At The Most Surreal Location, Watch Video  

When there’s a scintilla of a chill in the air, such as during or soon after rain, tea is a blast. In the winter, the beverage becomes even more essential. However, a group of Nepalese mountaineers developed a technique to make sipping tea at 6,496 meters seem enjoyable and celebratory. And their high-altitude tea party at Mount Everest Camp 2 has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the “highest tea party.”   

The record keeper posted a video of the celebration to its Instagram account, and the climbers looked to enjoy the small amount of warmth provided by the tea amid the blizzard.  

The video showed a climber putting up a table with glasses and food, which was subsequently surrounded by a number of climbers. One of them began pouring tea into the cups in the chilly temperature, and the climbers all enjoyed the popular beverage. The warmth in one’s palm, without a doubt, provides a chance to warm one’s heart and boost one’s spirit.  

The tea party’s host, Andrew Hughes, told Guinness World Records that tea on the mountain was about more than simply warmth. It was also a chance to draw climbers together and let them engage with one another at the trek’s hotels and base camps.  

Tea is an excellent method to stay hydrated and avoid hypothermia in cold weather. It can also help climbers relax and enhance their immune systems, which is something they can need.  

Andrew did a lot of study into what essential elements needed to be present for a tea party on the mountain. He had to consider the components’ long-term viability. “The record would mean a lot to me because it would mean a lot to everyone who participated in it.” “The best things in life are usually those that are shared,” he remarked.  

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