UAE: What Are The Significant Changes To Happen In The Visit Visa System? 

UAE: What Are The Significant Changes To Happen In The Visit Visa System? 

As a part of the Advanced Visa System, the UAE has brought in various changes in its visa domain, which took effect in October 2022. It happened to be the biggest residency and entry permit overhaul in the country. Following this, a lot of new things have happened in the visit visa regime of the UAE. So, today let us look into the changes that have happened in the arena of visit visas. 

Exit The Country For An Extension 

As per the new tweak, a visit visa holder has to exit the country and then enter the country on a new visa to extend the stay permit beyond the permissible limit. Though there exists a provision for a person to extend the visa for a month by remaining in the country there are charges involved as well. 

Hike In Visa Fee 

The charges for issuing Emirates IDs and visas have also been increased. According to new regulations, an Emirates ID can be availed for Dh370, a jump of Dh100; and the money needed to issue a one-month visit visa has been increased to Dh370 from Dh270. 

5-year multiple entry visa 

Now, tourists are allowed to come to the UAE at various times on their own sponsorship. They can be in the country for 90 days during each visit as well. They can extend the visas for 90 days apart from the initial 90 days without leaving the country. As per authorities, the visa permits families, who don’t stay in the UAE, to spend more time with their dear ones in the country. 

Fine For Overstay 

Those who stay in the country beyond the allotted time in their visit visa have to pay up a fine for the same as well. Then they must get an out pass or leave permit at an extra cost prior to exiting the country. 

There’s a 60-Day Visa As Well 

Post the sweeping reforms in the visa segment, a 60-day visa has also been introduced in the country. For now, there are 30-day and 60-day visit visas for those wishing to come to the country. 

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