From Crypto Chai To Bitcoin Samosa, This Bengaluru Restaurant Amuses Internet

The Indian food business has always been amusing the food enthusiasts with a wide range of innovations. Some eateries delight us with their interiors, and some places offer unique dishes on the menu.   

The latest on the list is an eatery in Bengaluru named ‘Crypto Chai by Voosh’. It offers Crypto chai and Bitcoin Samosa.   

A Twitter user named Aavi recently took to Twitter to share an image of the restaurant menu that featured dishes named after cryptocurrency. The menu had everything from hard fork paneer tikka samosa to pseudonymous bitcoin onion Patti samosa, blockchain ledger Punjabi samosa, and more. Sounds interesting (read: unique), isn’t it? Alongside the menu, the post also read, “Is Bangalore Ok?”  

Many have turned up with funny comments. “Banglore me rickshaw wale bhi crypto me payment accept karte h darling,” one tweeted.   

The restaurant even offers Bitcoin Masala Oats. The crypto gold combo has also been offered.  

Yes, they offer a Cheesy Crypto maggie combo too.  

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