About Us

How exciting would it be to access everything about the Indian diaspora worldwide, which is rich in diversity, under one platform? That’s precisely our mission behind the NRI vision; an online English News and Information portal that carries the voice of the global Indians. We publish news stories, information and human-interest stories related to the Indian diaspora.  

Indian diaspora includes as many as 13.46 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and 18.69 million Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) spreading across 210 countries. There are incredible stories of success and survival. Each story is different and, of course, exciting and inspiring.   

NRI Vision features the news concerning NRIs, and we offer a platform where NRIs can find all the essential information they need. We also love to feature exciting stories from the community that can inspire others.  

Let us together take forward our fraternity across generations.