Chole Bhature: A famous North Indian dish becoming popular even down South

The history of food and the culture of eating cannot be mentioned without street foods that bring people together to enjoy finger-licking appetizing food. Some of us simply cannot pass a street food vendor serving hot, tempting and spicy golgappa, momos, or chaats without grabbing a bite. Street foods are also known for being economical and swiftness with which they are made. While in Delhi and talking about street food, one simply cannot leave the capital city without tasting chole bhature. 

Chole bhature also called Chana Bhature, is a combination of spicy chickpea curry, and bhature: a type of fried bread made with white flour. The bread is fried until it turns into brown gold. Soft and salty, the bhature melts effortlessly in the mouth when eaten with the chole (chickpea) tossed in a tasty gravy. 

ऐसे बनाइए रेस्टोरेंट स्टाइल छोले भटूरे - Restaurant style chole bhature  recipe in hindi

Frequently eaten in the morning, bhature filled with potatoes or cottage cheese makes it a heavy yet nutritious breakfast. This lip-smacking zesty dish is commonly accompanied by a pickle made from onions, coriander and mint chutney. Besides, a glass of perfectly balanced sweet and salty lassi brings a smile to the face. A hot and sizzling chole bhature with fresh and chilled lassi are perfect to start your day with. 

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Originated initially in the northern part of the Indian sub-continent in the 1940s, it is popular throughout North India. Though Punjab created its own variant, with time the dish assumed popularity among north Indians. 

Not only the several regions of Delhi, including Chandni Chowk, and Punjab but also other neighbouring states like Eastern Uttar Pradesh offer delicious chole bhature. With urbanisation and migration, chole bhature has made its way to South India as well. Loved by over a billion people, the chole bhature can be found on several menus across the country. 

This dish did not contribute much to the food history before our birth, but it has chased us down in recent years. 

Officially started in 2012, a Delhiite dedicated one entire day to chole bhature and their admirers. On October 2 of every year, the word spreads through social media to unite all chole bhature lovers to share their pictures and recipes of the dish. 

Gandhi Jayanti, a national holiday, was specially picked to celebrate national chole bhature day because on this day majority of people would be at home and can easily try to prepare and relish the dish at peace. 

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