What’s ‘Fishy’ About Domino’s Pizza?

The rat race seems to be everywhere, in every profession and field, to compete with others, we try to be different from the rest. Business ideas flourish and gain popularity on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP); likewise, the USP attracts the targeted audience before the actual products land on their hands. People strive to bring in something new, unusual, and unique than usual to outsmart other players in the market. Some create revolution while some fail in their endeavour to attract people towards their businesses. 

There are infinite possibilities in the eatery world, where fusion can be a groundbreaking discovery and sometimes a recipe for disaster. Pizza, a cuisine originating from Naples, Italy has caught on with people like a house on fire today across the world, gaining popularity among all age groups. Another popular food happens to be a combination of batter-fried fish and potato chips, commonly known as “Fish & Chips”, which was originally a dish of the Jews but gained popularity in the UK. Similar to Oregano, which is a widely used seasoning in all Italian cuisines but it hails from Greece. 

The buzz around the famous brand “Dominos” is growing as its Japanese counterpart is all set to introduce its version of Fish & Chips Pizza and slowly taking it to other countries as well. Netizens around the globe are finding the same bizarre with several doubting the palatable aspect of the dish. As per one of the sarcastic Tweets floating around: “Japan Dominos have invented a dish that insults both Italy and England”. 

A pizza is usually characterised by the type of bread crust used as the base and toppings that eventually define the variant. Put anything such as veggies, sweet corn, cheese, meat, herbs or spices, it is the topping that brings to the fore the spirit involved in pizza preparation. As per the introductory picture of this new Pizza on the Domino’s website, the Pizza is topped with crispy Fish and Chips, lemon, potato slices, basil, tartar sauce and tomato sauce. 

Fusion is not a new phenomenon for Dominos, rather than hearing and believing the Internet reactions, we should ideally wait and check it ourselves. What the combination has to offer will become clearer once it hits our nearest Dominos outlet, after all the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  

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