Weird Indian Food combos with mesmerising taste

Dosa-sambar/chutney, Chole-Bhature, Pav-Bhaji, Aloo samosa; food is excellent as long as it goes with the right partner. But have you ever tried some weird combinations like Pizza with honey, Nutella with dosa, garlic chilli cream puffs or ice cream with fries? Well, don’t get weirded out. These combinations exist and they taste good too. 

Before you start judging, go through this list of Indian dish combinations that might sound strange but has a fantastic taste. Do try these at least once in your lifetime!

Maggi with Kadhi

All of you must be familiar with Maggi. Kadhi is a Rajasthani thick gravy dish made of gram flour and vegetable fritters, often eaten with rice or roti. Well, both the dishes go well with each other and taste excellent. So why don’t you try having it together!

Biriyani with Nutella

The title itself must have prompted you to close the page altogether. You cannot be blamed because people had even requested to delete the internet after Zomato India put forth this fusion. Anyway, don’t worry, it has been tested to be safe, sound and tasty. 

Banana fritters with beef roast

I don’t know how many of you would agree with me on this. But this is actually a weird combination. It is currently trendy in southern India, like in Kerala and has received immense appreciation from people. Definitely a must-try!


There aren’t many experiments that our very own Dosa has not undergone, so this might not come as a surprise. Yet, this is a relatively less known combination but delicious. Have a nice crispy browned dosa with Schezwan and veggies mixed inside.

Nutella with Parantha

This is actually workable and people stumble upon it accidentally while starving in the hostel rooms. Hot steaming Paranthas filled with a layer of Nutella and folded is like the easiest thing you can rustle up in an emergency situation. Tastes fabulous!

Noodles with Samosa

This is another jugaad food that you can make with leftover noodles. Or maybe make noodles specifically for this purpose. Whichever way, fill the noodles inside the folded maida layer instead of aloo or paneer. Come to think of it; it is not bad at all!

I would have liked to mention some other dishes like Pizza with honey or chocolate sauce but since they do not fall into the Indian food category, let us not go into that. Also, as if the internet is already not divided because of pineapple pizza, I dare not touch on the sizzling hot Pizza!

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