Five must-visit cafes in Europe for Pastry lovers

Pastries and cakes: these desserts are something which we never get tired of. We don’t even consider them as desserts anymore. The sweet, soft, fluffy item goes with a hot drink at any time of the day. But where do we get the best cakes? Well, Europe is a good choice. Bakeries in Europe specialise in everything from pastries in Paris to chocolate Sachertorte in Vienna. If you are a cake lover and live in Europe now or plan to visit there anytime soon, here are the five bakeries around Europe you have to visit.

Etnacoffee, London

Let us start with the one in the capital city of England. Etnacoffe offers the best patisserie that would make our mouth water. Formed by the Sicilian Bauso brothers, the all-day patisserie specialises in authentic Italian cakes and pastries. The RaviolaFritta All Ricotta (a fried calzone filled with sheep’s ricotta) is a speciality of the place. Do not forget to try other items on the breakfast menu as well to make your day.

Demel, Vienna

An Austrian institution famous for creating fantastic baked goods, along with equally excellent creamy hot chocolate (great in the wintertime!), this is an elegant must-visit café. Demel’s store displays are a treat to your eyes as much as their Ana Demal Torte piques your palate.

Ofelia, Seville

This little boutique bakery in the beautiful Andalusian city of Seville is the best spot for breakfast. Don’t worry! The cupcakes, cookies and cakes are all delectable and baked to absolute perfection. The TartaRomanticaBoda is the pick of the cake selection, a delicately layered triumph of sponge and piped icing.

Hafiz Mustafa, Istanbul

Ever tried a sweet pastry called Baklava? If not, go to Hafiz Mustafa to try it. If yes, go there itself to taste it as you have never before. You’ll find the best Baklava in town here, as well as nougat and many other traditional Turkish sweets.

BiscottificioInnocenti, Rome Rome is a beautiful city without any doubt, but bustling with activity as well. Suppose you want to sit in peace and savour the delicacies of Rome, head over to Via Della Luce – a small Roman street complete with the city’s finest patisserie, BiscottificioInnocenti. It offers most Italian treats, from simple and delicious biscuits to macaroons and sandwich cookies covered in almonds. A family-run business for almost a century, the BiscottificioInnocenti team proudly guard their secret recipes and tricks. The highlight of BiscottificioInnocenti’s roster is the ‘brutti ma buoni’, a delightful pyramid-shaped biscuit that simply melts in the mouth.

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