Xiaomi Unveils Smart Glasses With Calling, Photos, And Navigation Features

Xiaomi has launched new smart glasses, its first new smart eye wearable device, on September 14. Designed like regular sunglasses, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses are embedded with sensors, and its imaging system is capable of enabling several smart features, including navigation and real-time text translation. Weighing around 51 grams, the smart glasses integrate a new MicroLED optical waveguide technology to display messages and notifications in front of a user’s eyes.  

Xiaomi introduced the smart glasses after Facebook’s recently launched Ray-Ban Stories smart classes. This means the new Xiaomi smart glasses will compete with Facebook’s Ray-Ban stories.  

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The company claims that smart glasses are able to make calls, navigate using augmented reality (AR), capture photos, and translate text right before the users’ eyes.  

Image Credits: The Hans India

Looks of Xiaomi Smart Glasses  

Wherein Facebook has given the Ray-Ban Stories the classic Wayfarer frames, Xiaomi has provided a squarish frame with a band running on top of its smart glasses. The band of Xiaomi Smart Glasses is slightly thick, laden with sensors. As the glasses adopt the MicroLED imaging technology to lower the design space, it has got a structural design. The company claims that MicroLEDs have a higher pixel density and a simple structure, which allows for a more compact display and easier screen integration.  

Specifications of Xiaomi Smart Glasses  

  • The glasses come with a display chip measuring 2.4×2.02mm, with individual pixels sized at 4μm. The display is capable of reaching a peak brightness of 2 million nits.   
  • With a total of 497 components, including miniature sensors and communication modules, the eye wearable can navigate, take photos, and act as a teleprompter. It also offers real-time text and photo translation.  
  • It can minimise interruptions at inconvenient times and display important information during a critical situation.  
  • Xiaomi Smart Glasses support XioAI assistants for voice commands.  
  • It filters notifications and displays only the most important ones first.  
  • The glasses can show roads and maps in real-time to users to move on the road safely and conveniently.  

Although the smart glasses have already been launched, pricing and availability have not been disclosed yet. 

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