Tech Mahindra Partners with TAC Security to leverage AI, User-friendly Analytics Globally 

Tech Mahindra, on June 30, announced that the leading digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering services provider would collaborate with TAC security, the global leader of risk and vulnerability management.  

The collaboration aims to enable next-generation enterprise security for global customers. The partnership will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and user-friendly analytics to measure, prioritise and reduce vulnerabilities across the IT sector, a press release by Tech Mahindra elaborates.  

Furthermore, the press release hinted that as part of the partnership between the global security competency of Tech Mahindra’s and TAC Security’s patented next-generation risk-based vulnerability management platform Enterprise Security in One Framework (ESOF) will be integrated. It is expected to accelerate vulnerability management protocol for customers while safeguarding their modern applications and infrastructure against cyber threats.   

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Rajesh Dhuddu, a Blockchain and Cybersecurity expert across APAC and EMEA, says that the partnership between Tech Mahindra and TAC Security aims to help analysts prioritise security responses and threat investigations in real-time while enhancing security postures for enterprises around the globe.  

“Tech Mahindra is fully committed towards ensuring and delivering world-class security to consumers by improving the experience and effectiveness of the security environment consistently,” said Rajesh Dhuddu.  

“The collaboration with TAC Security is in line with our NXT.NOW framework to deliver cutting-edge security solutions to customers worldwide by allowing the widest view of vulnerability and risk data across the enterprise to create insightful cyber risk scores.” 

While NXT.NOW framework is focused on enhancing ‘Human Centric Experience’, Tech Mahindra aims to invest in disruptive technologies and solutions that meet customers’ emerging needs by enabling digital transformation.  

In the age of zero trust, the sector is witnessing rapid growth in vulnerability management challenges, states Trishneet Arora, founder and CEO of TAC Security. Hence, the requirement for risk-based vulnerability management and the cyber score becomes imperative for each organisation, irrespective of the industry. As a result, this partnership will help them manage their complete IT stacks cybersecurity effectively on ESOF.  

“For TAC security, this partnership is a move to attract the global market of vulnerability management that is expected to reach $15.5 billion by 2025 from $12.5 billion in 2020,” shares Trishneet, disclosing his vision on the company’s future prospects.  

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