Nokia Has Big Plans In India, Says Country’s Head

Nokia is all set to apply for production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme and expand its portfolio and manufacturing base in India, said the nation’s head Sanjay Malik during an interview with Economic Times.

The Finnish multinational telecommunication company, which ruled the Indian market since 1994 suddenly lost its momentum after a decade and aims to dominate the Indian market with a lot of offerings.

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Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“The fundamental purpose of the restructuring of Nokia’s operations in India is to deliver effectivity and agility, said the Nokia nation head. “So, from the operational perspective, undoubtedly it can be very beneficial.” When asked about 5G trials, Sanjay Malik said, “We have good engagement with all three telcos for the 5G trial device requirement. We will be shipping the 5G device to all these operators for trial very quickly and will also assist them with use circumstances. There shall be use circumstances from start-ups, the DoT hackathon and our side as well.”

Additionally, Nokia is working with telcos to integrate 5G trial networks with present techniques, he said further.

Nokia can make good use of the PLI scheme as it has big manufacturing for radio right here and with the scheme, the company can build for the world market through local means.

It can be of immense help to have a local component industry, and if it has economic viability, it’s always good to get it from native producers,” stated Malik elaborating on Nokia’s PLI scheme.

“We can only try to make them (partners) understand that India is an ideal place to manufacture, which we are going to do with our global suppliers,” he further added. “However, the ultimate resolution lies with them.”

While talking about the funding plan for the PLI scheme, Malik said that there is a potential for expansion and increased manufacturing from India. “It is one thing the world manufacturing crew is taking a look at.”

As India’s telecoms have already sought extra spectrum bands (3GPP) for 5G at lower costs, Nokia has ensured that there is sufficient spectrum in 3.5Ghz and mm-wave bands for all telcos at the time of auctions.

“Although there may be some challenges in respect to a few of the slots which are nonetheless not for industrial use, it shouldn’t be the case where one gives a smaller tranche of the spectrum to telcos as it can pose additional challenges to build networks,” said Malik. “In addition to it, the federal government should do a fair bit on spectrum pricing.”

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