Watch: How do Abu Dhabi’s Covid-19 Scanners For Entry Work

Abu Dhabi has launched state-of-the-art scanners to identify Covid-19 positive cases. Videos available on social media show officers scanning people seated in their cars with a mobile device.

The scanners will be used at Abu Dhabi entry points in the initial phase, including Musaffah entry/exit points and some public locations.

The scanners are additional Covid-19 safety measures by the Abu Dhabi administration with zero changes to any existing protocols, which means people entering Abu Dhabi will still need to produce and submit a negative PCR or DPI test result.

Here is how the scanners work:

Scanner Technology

1. A handheld device screens people for potential Covid-19 infections

2. Provides immediate result

3. Operated from a distance

4. Effective for mass screening like at the entry to public locations

Installation Locations for Pilot Phase

1. All the entry points to Abu Dhabi

2. Designated points to enter/exit Musaffah

3. Select public locations on Yas Island


  1. If negative, no action required

2. If potentially infected, requires initiating a PCR test within 24 hours free of cost

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