No Arrest, Detention, Stopping Departure Under The Look Out Circular: Delhi HC 

A citizen cannot be detained, arrested, or prevented from leaving..

Why It Took This NRI Two Months To Get Illegal Occupants On His Land Arrested? 

As per online news sources, Jaswant Singh, who has spent..

The Process Of Transferring Indians Convicted Abroad To India

Repatriation is the process of transferring the criminal (as charged)..

Accused Of Spreading Terror, Indian-origin Doctor’s Extradition Hearing Ends In UK

The case of a 75-year-old Indian-origin doctor from Assam, who..

What Does CAA Imply? Why It Evoked Large-Scale Protests Across India? 

The Parliament of India passed The Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA)..

Nassau County Brings In A Law To Curb Catalytic Converters’ Theft From Cars 

The Republican majority of the Nassau County Legislature has introduced..

Plea In SC Against Talaq-E-Hasan, All Other Types Of ‘extra-judicial’ Talaq 

The Indian parliament outlawed Triple Talaq in 2019 and the..

Woman Faces Trial In Bahrain For Forcing Other Women Into Prostitution 

The case hearing of an Asian woman was adjourned by..

Crimes On The Moon Could Soon Be In Canada’s Criminal Code 

The Criminal Code of Canada is going to include the..

Qatar Ministry Of Justice Launches Real Estate Brokerage System 

Qatar Ministry of Justice has launched a real estate brokerage..

India’s Not Alone: Which Are The Other Countries To Introduce Laws On Biometrics? 

The Indian parliament recently passed Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022...

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