IPhone 5C included in Apple’s list of vintage devices

The world is advacing rapidly with the introducation of technologies. With the advent of smartphones, the internet and digital services have always been available to everyone across the world.  Several phones are being introduced each year.  Most brands release new models every year, according to the new, improved features.  With this, the old models are forgotten among the users. Old phones are being replaced with new phones because of the new features provided by mobile phone brands.

Software updates and parts of old phone are not available after some time.  This is what happens with Apple’s iPhones too. Apple’s popular iPhone handset, the iPhone C, cannot be used further and can only be disposed.

Apple company officials say it’s time to replace the iPhone 5C model with a new one.  This is because the iPhone 5C has been added to Apple’s list of vintage devices.

There is nothing wrong with using an outdated iPhone 5C, but it can be difficult to repair if it is damaged or has some hardware issues.  Additionally, the device does not receive any iOS updates. From iOS 7 to iOS 10.3.3 was the company’s software update for its buyers at that time. Owners of iPhone, iPod, iPod and Mac products receive service and parts from Apple and Apple service providers for 5 years.  According to the company’s website, the service has been suspended for some technically obsolete products.

The iPhone models are mainly made up of metallic bodies, but the iPhone 5C with plastic body was introduced in 2013. It was a special edition that launched with the iPhone 5S edition, and it was available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink colours. The phone was of size 4inch and had an IPS LCD screen display. Many other brands also did the same in providing software updates and parts. Chinese brands are better at providing software updates frequently and parts without delay to their customers. According to Apple, vintage products should not be sold for more than 5 years. Apple recently added the seventh-generation iPod Nano to its list of obsolete products.  Along with the iPod Nano, the fifth-generation iPod Touch is also in the list.

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