Apple Watch Series 7 May Not Come With Some Anticipated Dazzling Features

The next Apple Watch called Apple Watch Series 7, is likely to be announced soon this month, along with the iPhone 13 and AirPods 3. However, there may be a delay due to the production difficulties, an extensive report said there would be some exciting new health features included with the upcoming Apple Watch.   

The other bad news is that the things predicted are for future Apple Watches will not be provided through this year’s model, claimed a new in-depth analysis by The Wall Street Journal. However, with the Apple Watch Series 7, these amazing features will be introduced:  

Blood Pressure Monitoring  

Apple is planning to include the feature to its Apple Watch Series 7 to record blood pressure by measuring the speed of the wave a heartbeat sends through someone’s arteries. However, it’s a useful feature not seamless as it requires the user to calibrate the Watch by taking three measurements and a conventional blood pressure cuff once a month.  

Although it is not yet available in every country, Samsung already has added this feature to its recent smartwatches. As of now, only Korea and some European countries have this feature. On the other hand, Apple is working on it introducing the feature as soon as possible.  

Wrist Thermometer  

If the following Apple watches get the wrist thermometer feature, it will be able to take the user’s temperature, possibly detecting a fever. This feature also could be used for fertility planning, providing clues to women as to what stage they are in their ovulation cycle. This feature may be introduced in 2022.  

Sleep Apnea  

The Apple Watch Series 7 promises to track sleep in a more advanced way by calculating respiratory rate during slumbers. On top of that, more features are likely to be added in the future.   

FDA Updates  

The company is also working on getting the FDA to sign off on updates to some current features. For instance, users with atrial fibrillation could track the condition if the feature was updated, rather than restricting those who say they don’t have AFib. Likewise, the Watch will alert people if their blood-oxygen levels drop, which the current Watch is incapable of.  

Other than these features, the Apple Watch Series 7 will have a bigger screen (1.9 inches) with a resolution of 396/484. The new screen is redesigned with a new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the cover glass. The Watch will also come with a faster processor and a redesigned case with flatter edges. 

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