Amidst record smartphone sales, Apple overtakes OnePlus in India

US-based Apple and China-based OnePlus are competing against each other with huge sales made in India. Both companies have made their mark on the premium smartphone segment with their stunning features and amazing designs. The iOS-based Apple and Android-based OnePlus differ totally in their functionality, but there are many buyers for both of them. However, amidst record sales, Apple overtook OnePlus in India.

OnePlus 8T, which was launched on October 19, made record sales around the world. It was released first in China and then was sold worldwide. They sold units worth 100 Million Yuan (around 103 crores INR) in the first 60 seconds of the sale. They later sold around 200 million Yuan worth of phones, roughly translating to 220 Cr in Indian Rupees or around 60 thousand OnePlus 8T units. The new OnePlus 8T’s price has also surprised buyers as it was less than that of the OnePlus 8 Pro, which was released earlier in June this year. OnePlus 8T phones are mainly sold through Amazon in India and were available during the Great Indian Sale, but there were no offers for the phone as it was just released.

Meanwhile, Flipkart was offering big discounts for Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone XR.

During the July-September quarter, Apple had registered record sales in India. The company sold around 8,00,000 iPhones during this quarter. Apple dethroned OnePlus from the top spot in the premium smartphone segment in the Indian market.

Apple’s chief executive officer (CEO) Tim Cook attributed a part of the company’s robust sales in India to the strong reception received by the launch of its online store in the July-September quarter. The opening of the company’s online store is the main reason for these vast sales. Moreover, the assembling of phones such as the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 locally has caused a price reduction. This grasped people’s attention and motivated them to buy. Apple has recently launched the new iPhone 12 smartphone which does not have a charger with it, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will be available from November 6.

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