You May Soon Be Able To Hide Your WhatsApp Last Seen For Specific Contacts

With WhatsApp’s latest privacy settings update, you may disable your Last Seen for specific contacts. Presently, you can set your last seen to Everybody, My Contacts, or Nobody. When updated, this feature will help you hide your Last Seen on WhatsApp from particular contacts you don’t want to know that you have been active. WhatsApp will allow you to disable not only Last Seen but also Profile Photo and About status updates.   

A report by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo indicates that WhatsApp is working on its updated privacy settings for both Android and iOS versions.    

“WhatsApp has implemented 3 privacy settings- Last Seen, Profile Picture, Abou- a few years ago. These settings allow users to decide who can see the updates of the individuals while interacting with the users on WhatsApp. To manage these privacy settings, WhatsApp has implemented 3 options, Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. This means if the user didn’t want a specific contact could see his last seen, he had to set the privacy setting of his last seen to Nobody,” the report elaborated. “Today WhatsApp is finally working to introduce another option called “My contacts except”, so the user can enable his last seen back while disabling specific contacts.”   

So, you can expect to have a new option of ‘My contacts except’ to the privacy settings. With these, now you will have four options to upgrade your privacy settings. Additionally, you can select people you do not want to share your profile picture, status or last seen with the coming ‘My Contacts Except’ option. However, WABetaInfo has not yet disclosed how you can add people to the list. But it has shared a screenshot of the new option added to the privacy settings. You need to note that if you do not share your last seen with your contacts, you will not be able to view other people’s last seen either. 

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