WhatsApp Begins Rolling Out End-to-End Encrypted Chat Backup

WhatsApp on October 14 started rolling out end-to-end encryption for backups stored on Google Drive and iCloud. Through a post on his page, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rollout of end-to-end encryption for cloud backups. The rollout has started months after the Facebook-owned company tested the update internally. WhatsApp, last month, announced the rollout of end-to-end encryption cloud backup is for both global Android and iOS users.   

As claimed, this feature will help users protect their backups from being accessed by third parties, including cloud storage providers like Google and Apple. The company also claim that it will protect chat history stored in backups from WhatsApp.  

If you cannot see the update yet on your app, it means the update is not available for your app yet and will come to your device in some time. Once you notice the update notification, you have to enable end-to-end encryption for cloud backups manually.  

Go to Settlings>> Chats>> Chat Backups>> End-to-End encrypted backups>> Follow instructions visible on the screen.  

Once done, click on ‘done’ and wait for WhatsApp to prepare your end-to-end backup. It is important to note that you will not be able to restore your end-to-end encrypted backup if you forget your password.  

Since 2016, WhatsApp has provided end-to-end encryption by default for messages circulating on its platform. The company claims that advanced encryption protects more than 100 billion messages a day as they travel between more than two billion users worldwide. 

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