What Is WhatsApp’s New Disappearing Photos Feature And How To Use It?

WhatsApp has included a new feature called ‘view once’ to the existing version of the app. Confirmed by WhatsApp, any photo or video one sends using the ‘view once’ feature will not be saved to the recipient’s Photos or Gallery. Once one sends a ‘view once’ photo or video, WhatsApp won’t be able to show it again.   

WhatsApp won’t allow a user to forward, save, star, or share photos or videos sent or received with the disappearing photos feature similar to Instagram’s expiring media feature. A user can only see if a recipient has opened a View Once photo or video if their read receipts are turned on.   

The photo or video will expire if one doesn’t open it within 14 days of it being sent. However, the user can restore the View Once media by taking a backup if the message remains unread during backup. If the recipient has already opened the photo or video, the media won’t be added to the backup and cannot be restored.  

How and Why to Use View Once Feature?  

  • Start with opening WhatsApp and then tap on the attachment icon of a chatroom.  
  • Next, select a photo or video from the gallery.   
  • After the selection, you will see a clock-like icon on the right of the ‘add a caption bar; click on it to send the photo or video via the ‘view once’ feature. Once a user enables it, the app will show a message saying ‘photo set to view once’.   
  • Thus, any user can send disappearing photos to anybody, including friends and family members.   

 The Facebook-owned company allows users to take a screenshot or screen recording of the media before it disappears. In addition, the individual will not be alerted if someone takes a screenshot or related things. 

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