Telangana NRI Purchases Land on the Moon as a Gift for Her Mother

Showcasing an extraordinary gesture, an NRI woman hailing from Godavarikhani, Telangana, has achieved the remarkable feat of purchasing a plot of land on Earth’s natural satellite and celestial neighbour, the Moon, as a heartfelt gift for her mother.

Vakula Devi, the fortunate recipient of this lunar land and a resident of GM Colony in Godavarikhani, received the official land registration documents on August 23, coinciding with the successful landing of the Chandrayaan-3 lander on the Moon’s surface. Vakula Devi’s daughter Sai Vignatha migrated to the United States a decade ago and settled there. Sai Vignatha currently holds the project manager position in the office of Governor Kimberly Kay Reynolds in Iowa.

Sai Vignatha, presently on a one-month vacation in her homeland, chose this opportune moment to surprise her mother with this unique and cherished gift—a piece of lunar land that transcends earthly boundaries.

Enthused by the concept that land registration on the Moon could be accomplished through the ‘International Lunar Registry,’ a platform based in New York, Sai Vignatha embarked on a remarkable endeavour to present her hardworking mother with an unforgettable gift.

During Mother’s Day of 2022, Sai Vignatha initiated the process by applying for the ownership of one acre of Moon territory through the Lunar Registry, registering it under her mother’s name, Vakula Devi. Additionally, she secured land ownership for her daughter, Artha. The journey involved an expenditure of Rs 35 lakh. The Vignatha family experienced a moment of joy as they received the tangible land documents, finalizing the registration process with the International Lunar Registry. This significant event coincided with Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant landing on the lunar surface.

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