Shivrai Technologies And SBI’s YONO Unite To Minimise Farmers’ Losses

Shivrai Technology, providing smart technologies to enhance the productivity and profitability of agribusinesses via its B2B platform, FarmERP, a new launch of Farmizo Khata, has joined hands with YONO of State Bank of India (SBI) to assist farmers to manage their accounts smoothly.

This would help farmers of India to deal with their accounts efficiently by minimising losses. Renowned for providing formidable solutions in the AgriTech space for the last 25 years, the company is testing waters in the B2C market.

Shivrai Technologies also aims to make its application increasingly accessible for the benefit of the farmers.

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Each year farmers face huge losses due to their unawareness, improper book-keeping skills, and inability to manage their expenses properly. Therefore, Shivrai Technologies has come up with the idea of introducing Farmizo Khata, a B2C Farm accounting mobile application, with the help of SBI’s digital banking platform Yono to make the process easier for smallholder, marginal, and large-holder farmers. This free-of-cost application will enable the farmers to focus on their expenditures while keeping track of total profits in the book.

“Inconsistent cost sheets, poor calculations of expenses and income, faulty accounts are a pain for farmers, resulting in huge financial setbacks,” said Sanjay Borkar CEO and Co-Founder of Shivrai Technologies, during the software launch. “Farmizo Khata has entered the market with the sole purpose of minimising these financial setbacks for smallholder farmers, in turn increasing their yearly turnovers,” he said further.

Farmizo Khata-Aapki Kheti Ka Hisaab Kitaab, adds and offers all the required farm accounting-related stuff in one place by efficiently managing smallholder farmers’ accounts while providing a platform that analyses and calculates profits, losses and expenses on their behalf. The app aids them to make wiser purchase, harvest, and production decisions. It has been developed in such a way, so the farmers benefit from it.

With a simple User Interface and Experience for its audience, the software provides a thorough guide on the home page about how to register on the digital platform. For instance, once a farmer registers his/her plot by entering Plot details and Crop Information, the digital portal will assist you in Geo-Tagging his/her crops. It also helps create a ‘Khata’ that keeps a record of production cost, auditor cost, marketing and housing cost etc., and all the transactions in a simpler ledger.

Farmizo Khata app can be downloaded from App Store as well as Google Play Store for free. It’s also accessible via its website,

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