Samsung Unveils New Holographic Displays to Watch 3D Pictures in Mobile Phones

Samsung’s biggest electronics company has unveiled a giant holographic display that triples views from different parts in 3D videos. 

Samsung scientists also mentioned that this lightweight holographic display could be used in smartphones and other devices in the future. Holography is a technology presented in 3D based on the reflection of light on an object. Holography can also be viewed from different angles than standard 3D images.

 The video, taken in 4K of a tortoise swimming in a pond, was presented by Samsung’s research team using holography. In this video, you can see the views from many angles, including the swimming tortoise’s front and back, using the keyboard. Special glasses and computers are required to enjoy regular holographic images and videos. But this limitation was solved by using a beam deflector and holographic video processor. Samsung’s holography display allows you to enjoy 3D images without the aid of a VR glass, just like a normal display. The new system makes viewing angles 30 times different than normal 3D images. This holographic display panel can be used in homes and offices. 

Attempts are also being made to reduce the holographic display’s size to make it usable on smartphones.

Humans can now see more colors through holography than they do with the usual LED VR headsets, phones, computers and TVs. RGB (Red Green Blue) are used as the basis for existing displays. 

HP and Microsoft developed the system in 1996 for use on computers and printers. But in holographics, the vast colors visible to the human eye are also visible. Therefore, the scenes seen in the holography are clearer and more beautiful than what is seen on current smartphones and computers. 

The thickness of the holographic display developed by the Samsung team is just one centimeter.  Facebook is also researching the development of holographic devices. Last July, the Facebook team introduced a VR lens that was only 9mm thick. Introducing the VR lens, Facebook said it would help people play games and watch scenes more clearly and colorfully. This invention would make advancement in the visual aspects if it is appropriately used in the smartphone’s display.

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