Radio Asia selects Kerala Health Minister of Kerala as the News Person of the year

Radio Asia, the first Malayalam radio station in the Gulf, selected Kerala’s Health Minister KK Shailaja Teacher as the News Person of 2020. When the whole world was in the grip of the Covid19 epidemic, Kerala’s coviddefense activities, which had intervened in the society without giving up its social commitment and vigilance, could gain international attention.

Kerala Health Minister being selected as the Radio Asia News Person of the Year 2020 is a recognition of her leadership in bringing the health sector together with unwavering dedication and selfless service which she has rendered in fighting the battle with the coronavirus reported in Kerala, shortly after the deadly Nipah virus. Earlier this year, the health minister had been selected as the ‘woman of the year – 2020’ by the Vogue magazine and she was featured on the magazine’s cover page. The United Nations have also appreciated her for her bravery and selfless act during the pandemic.

Radio Asia has been operating in the UAE for over 28 years. After a long AM broadcast, it now broadcasts on 94.7FM. Moreover, it is a popular radio movement that constantly intervenes in Malayalees’ problems in the UAE and the home country and provides them with whatever assistance they need. Today, Radio Asia is the most preferred Malayalam FM station in the region, with an extensive and dedicated listener base that spans Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, besides the UAE. Always in step with the times, Radio Asia offers its audience an unparalleled listening choice, with a wide variety of popular programs ranging from talk shows, current affairs discussions and regular news bulletins to serials, musical reality shows and game shows. In the previous years, Kerala Chief Minister PinarayiVijayan, Ashraf Thamarassery, fishermen and flood guards who provided their services during the flood guards, Noushad who gave all his clothes in his shop to the poor during the floods, Noushad who died in a manhole while rescuing the workers, Kanthapuram AP AboobackerMuslyar and others had been selected as newspersons.

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