Indian Travellers Face Harrowing Time Due To Flight Cancellations & Visa Delays 

International travel is far from “back to normal,” even though the restrictions are off to a large extent and you may finally be able to enjoy the vacation you’ve been longing for the previous two years.  

Booking a vacation in advance might be difficult because of issues like last-minute flight cancellations and visa delays. While the US will only enable travellers to arrange visa appointment dates starting next year, a Canadian visa is still taking over six months to process. People can pay an extra cost to expedite their applications for UK visas, which typically take six weeks.  

France and Switzerland in Europe are accessible for vacation travel, while Germany is not. A lack of a fully employed workforce is making it difficult to process applications quickly, which is leading many people to entirely miss their trip dates.  

“The demand for visas has significantly increased. Given the pent-up demand for travel, we’re seeing record numbers – on average, between 20,000 and 23,000 visa applications from India every day ” Prabuddha Sen, COO (South Asia) of VFS Global, remarked in a recent interview according to online news sources. 

Sen advised those applying for visas to: “It is advised to apply for visas even before making travel and lodging arrangements. We strongly advise candidates to submit their visa applications as soon as possible, especially this year given the increased demand and scarce appointment times.” 

Most nations accept visa requests up to 90 days prior to your intended departure date. The updated Schengen Visa Code states that you can apply for a Schengen visa up to 6 months in advance of your intended departure date of travel. 

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