PUBG mobile to be back soon in India

PUBG Mobile Corporation plans to comeback in India with PUBG Mobile India version to cater to Indian players. The game was banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in early September, which left many users in dismay, as the game had a massive fan base in India and had managed to create an ecosystem around it. 

PUBG Mobile was banned in India along with PUBG Mobile Lite and 116 other apps in early September by the Indian government, and the games were subsequently removed from the Play store and the App Store in the country. By October 31 all servers were also terminated by the company. But, the game is still playable for several users. They announced it through their Instagram account post.

The PUBG mobile India aims to satisfy the Indian markets by improving the in game content and customizing it to reflect the local needs. The new game will maximize data security for its players and adhere to the local regulations, the announcement said. PUBG Corporation states there will be regular audits and verifications on the storage systems that store the personal information of Indian users to make sure that the data is kept safe. 

Alongside the announcement, the company has revealed its plans to provide a secure and healthy gameplay environment for players and how it will invest in the country to cultivate local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries. PUBG Corporation’s parent company Krafton recently tied up with Microsoft to store user data on Azure Cloud, which is also available in India locally. The Indian subsidiary will employ 100 people specializing in business, esports, and game development, through which the PUBG Corporation plans to allay fears of the government and users associated with the foreign manpower. This move is also beneficial for PUBG Corporation as it will increase jobs in the country, especially when India’s app ecosystem is undergoing a major change as a result of the backlash against Chinese apps. The Indian fans of the game, which included the casual gamers and the online streamers, were disappointed with the ban’s news. The revenue of many streamers was badly affected by it. At this time, the happy news came for all. As of now, the team has not shared a release date for PUBG Mobile India but hope that it will release soon.

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