Pak Demands Clarification From India On A New Educational Directive 

India’s University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) warned Indian students against studying in any college in Pakistan by issuing a notice on 25 April 2022. 

Meanwhile, Islamabad has sought clarification from UGC in this regard. 

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the country has the right to respond to this action, by the Indian Government, as it is discriminatory. 

It stated, “We have sought clarification from the Indian government with reference to the said public notice.” 

The AICTE Member Secretary and the UGC Secretary issued a notice, stating that even after the warning the students who get enrolled in the colleges in Pakistan will, neither be eligible for higher education in India nor will be offered a job in India. 

“Any Indian national or overseas citizen of the country who intends to take admission in any degree college or educational institution in Pakistan shall not be eligible to seek employment or higher studies in India on the basis of such educational qualifications (in any subject) acquired in Pakistan,” it stated. 

The notice added, “however, migrants and their children who have acquired higher education degrees in Pakistan and have been awarded citizenship by India would be eligible for seeking employment in India after obtaining Security Clearance from the MHA.” 

But, this notice does not apply to the individuals who are migrants, granted citizenship in India.  

Previously, in 2019, UGC issued an order, similar to this, warning students who were enrolled in educational establishments in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. It stated that “it was an integral part of Union of India” and is currently in illegal occupation of Pakistan. 

AICTE chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe stated that the advisory was issued so that Indian students don’t land up with a degree in conflict with Indian regulations, The Indian Express reported. 

“UGC and AICTE issue such public notices in the interest of Indian students who would like to pursue higher studies outside the country,” said UGC chairman Jagadesh Kumar. 

“In the recent past, we have seen how our students had to face difficulties because they could not go back to the foreign countries to continue their studies,” Kumar added. 

Previously in March 2022, the UGC and AICTE warned students, who were looking forward to completing their education at Chinese universities, to be aware of the travel restriction of the Chinese Government as it has not yet been lifted. 

Due to these restrictions, a large number of Indian students have not been able to return to China to resume their studies. 

The advisory stated, “Students are advised to exercise due diligence in choosing where to pursue higher education to avoid further problems in employment or higher studies.”  

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