New changes in Whatsapp policies: Famous company owners in India to adopt Signal app

The change in the WhatsApp policy has made the heads of some of India’s leading technology business companies leave WhatsApp and switched to the signal messaging app, according to the tweet of the billionaire Elon Musk. 

Many people are fascinated by the fact that WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton and others are behind the signal and that it is a fully open-source app. Due to these changes in the terms and conditions, many companies have tweeted their change to Signal from WhatsApp.

 One of them is Sameer Nigam, co-founder of PhonePay. Signal excellence as a product. He says his workgroups and family groups are on the signal and added that many in his contacts are ready to change. You do not have to waste any money on the change. Keep your WhatsApp account the same; let it stand as many maintain a Hotmail account taken in the 90s, we can check any of the old references.Paytm founder Vijay Sekhar has come up with the same idea. 

WhatsApp says they are a superpower in the market, and India is their biggest market. It is assumed that their monopoly in our country means that millions of users will obey their orders and thus taking away our privacy. We have to switch to the signal. He also warns us not to give in to moves like WhatsApp and Facebook if we do not want to be the victims of those changes. He also shared a tweet from former Facebook executive ChamathPalihapitiya. From February, WhatsApp will share all kinds of data with Facebook. He mentioned that WhatsApp’s best feature was privacy, and now they killed it. And he also added that no one should message me further on WhatsApp.

Signal reports that the number of their app installations worldwide has skyrocketed following a SpaceX chief Elon Musk tweet. The signal is an app believed to be used by whistleblower Edward Snowden and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey. As more people in the US use Apple’s iMessage, WhatsApp controversy is not an issue for most people there. Simultaneously, Kunal Shah of Cred says that the move against WhatsApp is not worth it. 

It’s like religion. Most people will stick to what they followed. He says switching from WhatsApp to a new app can be as difficult for many as learning a new language, which is why Facebook thinks that their new law may be imposed. Anyway, the downloads of the signal app have increased due to this issue.

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