Krafton Facilitates Virtual Entry Of Battlegrounds Players To Tesla Gigafactory

Battlegrounds Mobile India developer, Krafton, has entered into a partnership with one of the leading US-based automobile companies Tesla. With the new alliance, Krafton has brought in fresh changes in the form of a new update that was announced on July 9. This is the first content update since the Indian version of PUBG’s launch on July 2.  

The video game company has included a new weapon called MG3. By including the updated version 1.5.0, the new MG3 light machine gun (LMG) replaces the previous M249 in the supply crate that can be acquired by airdrops while playing Classic maps and Karakin map. Though M249 LMG has been excluded from airdrops earlier, it now comes with the field drops. 

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With a 6x scope and consistent firepower, the latest MG3 gun will pop up directly on the map for loot. It uses the 7.62 ammo and can hold up to 75 bullets with each reload. In contrast, players will be delighted after using the trajectory slot’s consumables. 

Additionally, Krafton has hinted at the arrival of a new Tesla car, Model Y in the game. Although players will be able to find the new Tesla Gigafactory and enter it in four fixed locations on the Erangel map, they can only watch the production of a Tesla Model Y from start to finish. It is because the car has not been made available to everyone. However, apart from the partnership with Tesla, Krafton has brought in Clan Clash to Battlegrounds Mobile India where players in clans can fight against each other in a fortnightly battle and earn Clan Points. 

It has also decided to add the Mission Ignite feature, a new limited-time mode, more events, including Damage Missions and Movement Missions, and other significant changes through this content update. 

Also, the July update gives an option to change gyroscope sensitivity, tune the Third Person Perspective camera angles, and a new graphical choice for low-end devices while providing 90FPS support to more devices. 

Krafton also has included Sand Bottle Exchanges in the Events section as a free event. With this, players can complete challenges to earn Sand Bottle and swipe them for rewards. 

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