India’s checkmate to google drive and dropbox : NITI aayog launches DigiBoxx

Google’s announcement that it will not allow free uploads to Google Drive, google’s cloud storage service, which many have come to trust, was a major setback to the users. To compensate for this, Amitabh Kant, the head of the Judicial Commission, has said that India’s own cloud storage system is coming in line with the Prime Minister’s ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. India is introducing a new feature called DigiBoxx, in which users can store up to 20 GB of data for free. One of the most attractive features is that those who want 100 GB in DigiBoxx can pay Rs.30 per month.

DigiBoxx is one of the software , services used to store digital ‘files,’ under the motto ‘create in India, store in India’. Authorities say it is presented with a focus on national security and data localization. There are various plans available for those who wish to use DigiBoxx– Storage is available in a wide range of categories: Individual or Freelancer, Small Business and Business. Outsiders’ intervention is possible on all plans; that is, the file placed in the Digiboxx be sent to anyone who does not have a Digiboxx account. Additionally, it works with Gmail, allows multiple people to collaborate on one file in real-time, provides state-of-the-art live security, provides a preview of documents, and automats account backups.

One of the biggest features of Digiboxx is the smart tag. This will allow one to locate any file in Digiboxx within seconds. No file can be shared without downloading. It can accept any file on any operating system. The user can decide who can see the files they are uploading. If the file sent to someone has changed, it can be recalled. There is also an InstaShare feature for sharing large files. Even if the user deletes a file, it will remain on the platform for up to 60 days. In short, you can restore a deleted file. Although currently only available on Android, the iOS app and desktop app will be coming soon.

It is said all the files uploaded in Digiboxx are encrypted at the database level. Digiboxx also has connection encryption. The data is stored across the country. The file encryption used is SSL.

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