Chinese based Xiaomi at the top in mobile phone sales in India

The Coronavirus epidemic has devastated the international smartphone market.  Most companies are facing a significant crisis.  However, some countries, including India, have made great strides in the smartphone market.  It shows that India has achieved a new record for phone sales in the third quarter of 2020 by the Canalys report. It is estimated that 5 crore smartphones have been sold in the country in a short period.

Chinese company Xiaomi topped the list with 1.31 crore smartphones sold in the third quarter of the year.  Xiaomi has implemented a number of strategies in various cities to capture the market even within the corona.  Earlier, Xiaomi had bagged the first position in terms of budget phones. Samsung is destined to overtake the Chinese company in second place.  During this period, the South Korean company sold 1.02 crore handsets in India.  But for Samsung, it shows an annual growth rate of about 7% in the Indian market.

Vivo, meanwhile, slipped to third place with sales of 88 million units.  Other Chinese brands such as Realme and Oppo sold 87 lakh and 61 lakh units, respectively. The Chinese brands Xiaomi and Vivo had good stock compared to the Korean based Samsung after the lockdown relaxation. This, along with the price of mobile phones and offers given, attracted people to buy Xiaomi. Xiaomi also provides services all over India and more than mobile phones, now they are also selling TV and home security cameras in a large number.

After three months of restrictions, the government allowed markets to open slowly.  This created an environment conducive to sustainable growth.  Statistics show that almost all companies have made significant sales.  Most companies earn a living by selling online. There is a huge demand for smartphones in the ongoing sale on Amazon and Flipkart. Xiaomi sold around 50lakhs handsets during mega offer sales of these e-commerce sites from October 15 to October 21. Xiaomi officials also thanked all the retailers who helped Xiaomi to make this achievement. The attractive offers given to some brand models and the large number of stocks helped make this achievement. At the same time, it is essential to note that the boycott against Chinese companies has not had a significant impact. It also shows that the banning of mobile applications has not affected the Chinese mobile phone market. It is mainly because of the low price and more number of features offered by the Chinese company.  Chinese companies accounted for 76 percent of third-quarter exports.  This is 2 percent more than last year.

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