Bisleri Inaugurates India’s First Clean Plastic Segregation, Collection Centre

On World Environment Day, Bisleri inaugurated India’s first clean plastic segregation and collection centre at Marol in Mumbai. Bisleri- India’s one of the most trusted manufacturers of bottled water- has been actively campaigning for its’ bottles for change’ initiative to fight pollution caused by plastics and create a greener environment.

This centre is aimed to become a part of the company’s existing initiative launched in 2017, spreading awareness among consumers about plastic pollution and proper plastic waste disposal methodology. Since then, Bisleri has successfully recycled over 6,500 tons of plastic whilst collaborating with local governments to create awareness.

A 2019-2020 report by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) points out that India generates roughly 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste in a single day, out of which 60% of produced plastic is recycled. And the remaining 40% is left to be a waste that pollutes streams or groundwater resources.

Bisleri’s newly launched centre is conceptualised on the future of segregation to bolster the’ bottles for change’ campaign. With the processing of 25 tons of used plastic per month capacity, the plant is built on a plot of 2,400 square feet provided by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).

Image Credit: Financial Express

The right method of segregation and disposing of plastic can tackle pollution-related issues. Hence, the interiors of the Marol centre uses 1,50,000 multi-layer plastic recycled bags of biscuits, chips and chocolate wrappers as partitions. In addition, 100 kgs of recycled hard plastic blocks like juice and food containers, toys and shampoo bottles have been used for a 100 sq. ft. area to build the entrance ramp that can bear a load of nearly 30 tons of vehicles.

This revolutionary move will also help to educate citizens about the significance of plastic segregation and recycling, said Anjana Ghosh, Director Marketing and Our Social Responsibility at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd.

“We aim to recycle over 10,000 MT in the next few years,” stated Anjana. “Consequently, we have conducted various programs across cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai where we work on creating awareness and trying to bring change through education seminars in housing societies, corporates and schools.”

“We are trying to break the widespread notion that plastic alone contributes to polluting our environment,” she added.

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