4,844 Foreigners Received Indian Citizenship in Last Five Years, Says Govt  

As many as 4,844 foreigners were granted Indian citizenship in the last five years. Minister of State, Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai informed Lok Sabha on Tuesday that 4,844 foreigners have been granted Indian citizenship under the Citizenship Act 1955 since 2016.   

The minister told parliament that most foreigners (1,773) received Indian citizenship in 2021. As many as 639 foreigners became Indian citizens in 2020, 987 in 2019, 628 in 2018 and 817 in 2017.   

Union Home Minister of State Rai was responding to a question on the total number of foreigners granted Indian citizenship by the Central government during the last five years.   

“The citizenship to eligible foreigners is granted by registration under section 5, by neutralization under section 6 or by incorporation of territory under section 7 of the Citizenship Act, 1955,” he said in a written reply.   

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