Why Travellers Opt Semi High-Speed Tejas Trains?

The urge for travelling and exploring places has increased rapidly with the aid of technology and a dedicated concierge. People look for comfort, ease and joy while travelling- irrespective of whether it’s on a flight, bus or train- to their much-awaited destination.

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Premium class trains in India attract a significant number of passengers both in the short and long-distance category. One such train is the Tejas Express initiated on the route of Mumbai CST to Karmali Goa; Chennai Egmore to Madurai Junction; New Delhi – Lucknow in the later part of 2019. The latest addition was Ahmedabad to Mumbai Central in 2020. These services eventually stopped running for a year during the pandemic and again resumed their services in 2021. Even if these four trains running in different locations have the same name and looks but dramatically differs in the interior features and services.

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The Goa and Ahmedabad route is the most luxurious one with key mentions such as onboard catering with Celebrity Chef Menu, LED Screen on each seat.

The highlights of Tejas trains include the bio-vacuum toilets; tap sensors; expansive view windows with switch operated curtain blinds; integrated Braille displays; water purifier to reduce the use of plastic bottles; tea and coffee vending machines; newspaper; magazines, and CCTV cameras.

These trains also provide a fire and smoke detection system, seats with eco-leather, toilets with occupancy indicators, and a push-button to call attendants.

The speciality of the Lucknow – New Delhi route is the first Tejas to entirely run by the private operator IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation).

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The train has a maximum speed limit incorporated up to 200 km /hr, but it is only allowed with an average of 130 km /hr with present track conditions.

The pricing of these trains was declared to be 20-30% higher than Shatabdi trains, but it is 50-70 % more when it comes to the fare of the actual booking.

Meanwhile, it was announced that there are more routes to launch like Chandigarh – New Delhi, Mumbai – Surat, New Delhi – Jalandhar, but it is currently adjourned until further notice.

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