SankaraNethralaya Raises $200k to Restore Vision to Blind Patients in India

SankaraNethralaya (SN), a not-for-profit missionary institution for ophthalmic care, raised 200k dollars this year to restore vision to 3000 blind patients in India. S Nethralaya, headquartered in Chennai, has been treating millions of patients in the last four decades.

SankaraNethralaya, which means “The Temple of the Eye,” came into existence as a hospital on September 6, 1978. To help the mission of SN, a Trust was formed in the USA 30 years back so that NRIs can contribute. SankaraNethralaya OM (Ophthalmic Mission) Trust, based in the USA, has received the highest rating of four stars by charity navigator for maintaining the transparency for funds donated by donors and how they are utilized towards the stated cause.

Every year, SankaraNethralaya USA organizes Indian classical dance and music programs in various cities to raise awareness and funds. This year, because of the pandemic, all programs were conducted online. Reputed devotional singer PadmasriDr.ShobhaRaju and her music team sang virtually on December 20, 2020, which was broadcasted by significant channels and raised $200K to restore the vision to 3000 indigent blind patients in India.

President Bala Reddy Indurti, President Emeritus SV Acharya, and Vice President MoorthyRekapalli thanked all the trustees and volunteers who worked selflessly to restore indigent patients’ vision. President of SankaraNethralaya India, Dr.GirishRao thanked SankaraNethralaya USA’s efforts and the service of NRIs.

MadhuBabuMallidi (Seattle WA), Ravi Reddy Maraka (Newark DE), RangaChandrasekharan (Chicago IL), Narayan Reddy Indurthi (Houston TX) and Ramesh Chaparala (Atlanta GA) were added as new trustees to SankaraNethralaya USA. They are involved in various service activities for many years and their help, efforts and guidance will further help this noble cause.

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