Australian Haryanvi Community Celebrates Teej Mela In Style

In Australia’s largest city Sydney, the Haryanvi community celebrated Teej with great pomp and show. In this event, songs were played by Haryanvi artists, and socially active people were honoured according to Haryanvi culture in the presence of dignitaries.

This Teej fair was organized in collaboration with Nain Events of Australia, Tinu Jat, Ravi Dalal and Naveen Rana. Many eminent artists of Haryana participated in this event, attended by people from all walks of life. Besides famous singer KD, renowned artists from Haryana such as Binder Dhanoda, Khasa Aala Chahar, Surendra Romeo, Indu Phogat and Sonali Phogat were among the performers.

The artists got a lot of encouragement from the audience. With applause, whistles and laughter, people expressed how much the visiting artists are admired by Indians living abroad.

Ravi Dalal, one of the organizers of the Haryanvi Teej Mela, said that even while living abroad, every Haryanvi wants to be associated with their culture.

He said, “Every Haryanvi living here in Australia loves their culture. We remember our songs and music and always want to be associated with them. That’s why we invited young Haryanvi artists here so that people know how the culture is evolving.”

The story has originally been published in NRI Affairs

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