Philanthropist S. P Singh Launches India’s First Exclusive NRI Service

India’s first comprehensive NRI service provider firm, NRI Guardian, has been inaugurated on June 14 by Dr S. P. Singh Oberoi, a renowned businessman at Sector 9, Chandigarh.

Acknowledging the challenges of NRIs, like they have to go back home while staying abroad, the company unveiled its unique services to offer holistic assistance to the problems of the NRI diaspora. With a team of experts and professionals, NRI Guardian provides a myriad of services to clients across Medical, Legal, Financial, Concierge Services etc.

“NRI Guardian provides comprehensive solutions to the common challenges that Indian diaspora faces back home,” the Founder and Managing Director Parminder Singh Brar said, sharing the details. “We have a team of well-qualified professionals who have extensive experience in advocating such problems as we aim to provide proactive, reliable and result-oriented solutions.”

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr Oberoi, the Chairman of the Apex Group of Companies with offices in Dubai and Burj Khalifa, said that NRI Guardian offers the best health care and medical services for the ageing parents of NRIs so the children can focus on their career abroad.

“Many people who live overseas know how difficult and complex task it is to handle overseas-related essential services related to health, property, finance etc.,” stated Dr Oberoi. “By following this, NRI Guardian that is providing end-to-end hassle-free services to the consumers on a foreign shore is a boon for the entire Indian diaspora.”

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Dr Surinder Pal Singh Oberoi is also Managing Trustee of Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust in Patiala.

“The most common problems that the Indian diaspora abroad faces are legal issues that are cumbersome and time-consuming,” said Parminder Brar, elaborating the services of NRI Guardian. “The company’s experienced lawyers’ panel delivers the right kind of legal services that clients require at that time. NRI Guardian meets all the requirements related to civil, litigation, criminal, crime against woman etc., by assisting on behalf of clients.”

The event was also inaugurated in the esteemed presence of Padma Bhusan S. Tarlocahar Singh, former Member of Parliament, Dr Prabhleen Singh and Dr C S Grewal.

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