Kalighat Painting: How The Unique Artwork Evolved Over The Years? 

Characterized by bright colours and bold outlines, Kalighat painting evolved..

Borobudur: This World’s Largest Buddhist Temple Is Tourists’ Delight 

The largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur is considered..

Dholavira In Gujarat: A Journey In Search Of A Lost Civilization 

The ancient city of Dholavira was the southern centre of..

The Historic City Of Burhanpur: The Preferred Location For Taj Mahal Initially 

Burhanpur is a city in southwestern Madhya Pradesh state. Albeit..

Sisupalgarh Of Odisha: Truly An Ancient Smart City 

Dating all the way back to the 7th century B.C.,..

The Safdarjung Tomb In Delhi: The Last Structure Of The Mughals 

The magnificent Safdarjung Tomb is considered to be the last..

The Magnificent Agra Fort And Its Intriguing History 

A historical fort in the city of Agra in India,..

Chandigarh’s Rock Garden: How Artistic Expression Can Transform Waste Materials 

In 1957, Nek Chand, a Road Inspector in the Engineering..

 Mysore Palace: A Glowing Spectacle Of Light 

One of the famous palaces in India, the erstwhile Royal..

Elephanta Caves: A Rare Specimen Of Rock-cut Architecture In India 

Located off the coast of Mumbai, the Elephanta Caves on..

Ellora Caves Hold A Mirror To The Ancient Indian Civilization 

Featuring the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world,..

Amber Fort: A Jewel In The Crown Of Rajput Architecture 

One of the top tourist attractions of Jaipur, the huge..

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