Nako Lake: A Journey To Remember And A Sight To Behold

The towering mountains and changing levitations, the turn and twist of the hilly roads and suddenly the low lying tabletop valley becomes a literary marvel. Some journeys are worth taking even if the destinations come across as something beyond the horizon.

Nako Lake is definitely a place to be, except during heavy rainfall and the peak of snowfall. Located at a height of 3,700 metres in Hangrang valley of Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh, it falls on the route of the famous Kaza, Spiti Valley.

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The landscape of Nako village is alluring with its elevated meadows landlocked by willow and poplar trees, the pristine lake and waterfall, Tibetan temples etc. The households residing close to the lake give you the vibe of a centuries ancient old locality.

The picturesque lake is also surrounded by a hill with caves. These caves are believed to be the place of meditation of the holy saint Padmasambhava, who also provided his followers with disclosures from here.

Nako Lake During Autumn
Image Credit: Devil on Wheels

The waterfall often referred to as a realm of fairies is substantiated with footprints of fairies and demigods which can still be seen in one of the caves. The source of the waterfall is still unknown and the prevailing level of water in the lake is something beyond scientific explanation.

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An incredible monastery in the area exhibits several ancient murals on the walls, sculpted forms or statues of the then deities and other wall carvings, and the overall architecture can take visitors back in time.

Life can be hard at these high altitudes but even in these complexities and hardships, there is always a way provided by the divine power. Just like our vehicle requires fuel while traveling, similarly, a visit to Nako Lake adds fuel to your life’s journey. It’s akin to a paradise created by angels and saints and worth visiting once in our lifetime.

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