Malayali Businessman Shot Dead In Texas, US, Amid Robbery Bid

A Malayali businessman, Sajan Mathew, was shot dead in the American state of Texas on Wednesday amid a robbery bid at a shop run by him.   

56-year-old Sajan was shot by a US citizen who arrived at the shop pretending as a customer. The attacker fled soon after the incident. The attack took place around 1 pm.   

Though Sajan was taken to hospital immediately after the incident, he could not be saved.   

Sajan, a native of Kozhenchery in Pathanamthitta district,  had migrated to the US in 2005. He had been running a beauty products supply shop in Mesquite city of Dallas country.   

The deceased is survived by his wife Mini and two children. Sajan was also a member of the Sehion Mar Thoma Church of Dallas.  

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