Fr Manoj Manual, Malayalee Priest In Australia, Dies Of Heart Attack

Malayalee Priest, Fr Manoj Manual, died of a heart attack in Aizawl, Mizoram, on January 17. The 46-years-old priest who has been serving in Hornsby Cathedral Parish, Australia, was in Aizwal to visit his friends.

After returning from Australia, Fr Manoj was isolated as per the COVID-19 protocol.

“With a sense of shock and sadness, on behalf of Bishop Anthony, I share with you the tragic news of the unexpected death on January 17, 2022, of Fr Manoj Manuel in Aizawl, Mizoram, India, where he was holidaying,” said Fr David of Hornsby Cathedral Parish.

Fr Manoj Manual was ordained in 2005 for the Kohima Catholic diocese.

“Initially on appointment in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes at Warren, and then Narromine, Trangie and Peak Hill Parishes. Fr Manoj joined us in the Diocese of Broken Bay in January 2021 and had served at the Cathedral Parish of Hornsby until his new appointment to the Parish of Wahroonga in December 2021,” Fr David added.

He is survived by his mother and brothers.

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