Intercultural Weddings: UK Diplomat Rhiannon Harries Marries Indian Man 

Intercultural weddings are always fascinating, mainly because it’s a mix of cultures and traditions. It is simply a union of two people involving numerous cultures and backgrounds. Little did Rhiannon Harries know four years ago that she hoped to fall in love in India. The British diplomat Rhiannon Harries came to India four years ago hoping for many enriching experiences.   

Harries, the Deputy Trade Commissioner, South Asia, recently married an Indian man in Delhi. Their wedding photos have gone viral and received a lot of love from Twitter users.  

She shared a beautiful picture from their wedding ceremony where she is wearing a bright red lehenga with heavy jewellery and Mehendi.  

“When I arrived in India nearly four years ago, I had many hopes and dreams for my time here. But never did I imagine I would be meeting and marrying the love of my life,” tweeted Harries. She added that she was glad “Incredible India” will always be a home.  

Harries’s husband, Himanshu Pandey, is a Delhi-based independent filmmaker and founder of Godrockfilms. 

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