Covid-19: Indian Passengers Remain Banned On These Countries’ List

Even though India’s Covid-19 situation is now under control, several countries are extending travel ban on India. While countries like France and Germany are easing travel restrictions, countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia are extending the ban in the wake of the rapid surge in Covid-19 cases due to the Delta variant.  

The first case of the Delta variant was reported in India in October 2020. It has affected over 100 countries so far, hitting the United Kingdom severely.  

These countries have extended a travel ban on India to curb the rapid spread of the Delta variant.  

Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia announced that it would impose a three-year ban on citizens travelling to ‘red list’ nations. Other than India, countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Lebanon, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates are listed.  


The Emirates also decided to extend the ban on inbound flights from India till August 7. However, Etihad Airways, the second national carrier, has suspended its incoming flights from India until further notice.  


Canada suspended Indian flights till August 21 but clarified that it would allow fully vaccinated Indians to enter the country from September 7 via a third country.  

The Philippines  

On July 30, it announced travel restrictions on India along with nine other countries. The Philippines has also reimposed lockdown throughout the country.  

Besides these countries, Indian travellers are banned by Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, New Zealand, Singapore and Oman.  

However, France and Germany are the countries that removed India from their red list, allowing fully vaccinated Indians to enter their territories. 

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