At Pune’s Flame University, Students Have The Liberty of Myriad Options

Students are often confused about what subjects to choose after completing their school education. More often than not, such students end up selecting their fields half-heartedly, giving up other interests. Young minds are interested in several fields and compartmentalization of disciplines is actually hampering their potential for excelling in life and finding creative solutions for complex problems. Experts have slowly started realizing that all subjects are interconnected in subtle ways and approaching problems with interdisciplinary approach yields excellent results. Flame University is one such institution that has fully committed itself to this vision. At the university, a student can study Economics with Computer Science, Journalism with Psychology and a plethora of other combinations with ease and confidence. 

The Flame university is a private, coeducational and fully residential and liberal educational institute. Located in Pune, this university is setting new standards in introducing innovative and grounded educational programmes. These are flexible, interdisciplinary and offer top-notch opportunities for exposure and research. The university has collaborated with multiple universities around the world, ranging from Yale, Sciences Po to the University of Boston. Students get the benefit of studying in a global environment through visiting faculties and completing a semester abroad. Here the focus of undergraduate programmes is on academic inquiry, perspective building and experiential learning. 

The programme offers Foundation Courses, Specialization Courses, Experiential Learning Courses, Value-Added Courses and Open Elective Courses. There are about 20 majors with 13 corresponding minors for each major course on offer from which students can pick and choose and design their own major-minor combinations. There are over 300 possible combinations that offer unprecedented flexibility to students. Majors on offer are truly multi-disciplinary and range from Advertising and Branding, Applied Mathematics, Economics, Literary and Culture Studies, International Relations, Psychology, Computer Science to Theatre and Performance Studies. 

The program also offers opportunities for real-world learning through its experiential courses such as Discover India Program, where the students are encouraged to learn about India’s rich history and culture through primary and secondary research. The Development Activities Programme allows students to discover the socio-economic realities of India through participating in developmental activities and social outreach. The Summer Internship Program is designed to expose students to ground realities and enable them to make connections between academic work and the real world. 

According to the students’ choice of major, the university offers three-year undergraduate degrees in the following areas: 

B.A. – Economics, Psychology, Literary & Cultural Studies, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Public Policy, Sociology 

B.A. (Hons) – Economics 

B.Sc. – Applied Mathematics 

B.Sc. (Hons) – Computer Science 

BBA – Finance, Business Analytics, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations, General Management 

BBA (Communications Management) – Advertising & Branding, Digital Marketing & Communications, Film & Television Management, Communication Studies 

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