Alex Chekkat, A Former South African MP From Thiruvalla, Dies In Northern Cape

Former South African Member of Parliament Alex Chekkat died in South Africa. Sixty-eight years old Alexander, who hailed from Thiruvalla in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, has been settled in South Africa for the last 40 years.   

Before migrating to the Northern Cape province in South Africa, Alex was active in Congress politics in Kerala. He had emigrated to the Northern Cape as a teacher.   

After witnessing the racism and injustice against black people, Alex himself associated with the African National Congress.  Alex has been an active member of the National Congress PEC. He also had close ties with all its leaders, including Jacob Zuma, who is in prison now.  

Alex, son of late Jacob B Chekkat and Mary Mary Jacob, is survived by his wife Puramattam Konnolil Parayil Sobha, daughter Aishwarya and son-in-law Jobin.   

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