White House Nominates Indian-American Civil Rights Attorney As Federal Judge

The Biden administration has nominated Sarala Vidya Nagala, an Indian-American civil rights attorney, as a federal judge in the State of Connecticut.

Confirming the news, the Senate said Nagala would be the first judge of South Asian descent to serve for the District of Connecticut on the District Court, PTI reported.

She is now the Deputy Chief of the Major Crimes Unit in the United States Attorney’s Office in the District of Connecticut since 2017.

Joined as the US Attorney’s Office in 2012, Nagala has been serving several leadership roles, such as Hate Crimes Coordinator. She was an Associate at Munger in Sun Francisco between 2009 and 2012. Nagala began her legal career in 2008 as a law clerk for Judge Susan Graber on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit till 2009.

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In 2008, she pursued and completed her doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley Schools of Law and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2005 from Stanford University.

Along with four other new candidates for the federal bench and two for District of Columbia courts, Nagala got nominated. In a statement, the White House on Tuesday said, all of them are “extraordinarily qualified, experienced and devoted to the rule of law and US Constitution.”

The nomination of Nagala and others continue to meet President Joe Biden’s “promise to ensure that the country’s courts reflect the diversity, which is one of the greatest assets as a nation, in terms of personal and professional backgrounds,” the administration said.

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