These Businesses In The UAE Are Witnessing A Monsoon Boom 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is witnessing a lot of rainfall these days. Resultantly, the wet weather has upset several schedules and led to a total disorder on the roads. Schools have closed down temporarily and certain offices have shifted to the WFH mode. However, the downpours have proved to be a blessing for a few businesses in the UAE as well. Let us look into some of them. 

Piping Hot Tea (Karak Tea) 

Rains have ensured an increase in the share of tea intake. And why not? There can never be a better time to have a smoking hot tea other than rainy seasons. In Dubai, several outlets have reported huge sales of this popular hot beverage during rainy days. In fact, people are having more tea on rainy days than on other days. So, the tea business has received a big boost, thanks to the persistent rain in the emirates. 


The other item to have made a killing due to incessant rain in the UAE happens to be Umbrella. The most important monsoon gear, at least for the Asians, is fast running off the shelves in several of the outlets and it is nothing but unprecedented. The prices range from AED 2-6 at most of the stores and there is also a wide variety of options to choose from. Going to the workplace or having an evening stroll near your apartment, umbrellas have suddenly become an essential commodity in the UAE. 

Food Truck Operators 

This is another business to benefit from the continuous downpour in the country. With rains wreaking havoc and people unable to dine out at their convenience the trucks offering food have proved to be very more than a handful. Some of the food truck operators in the UAE have said that they are receiving more customers than on usual sunny days. In Dubai, it is not very uncommon to see several private vehicles parked outside these food outlets and people enjoying the savouries in the cool confines of their vehicles. 

Cleaning Services 

Those into cleaning services have also had a gala time in terms of business due to rains. As a result of the constant downpour, the demand for cleaning services has only spiked in recent times. The companies in the cleaning business are witnessing demands even during weekdays. Earlier, the services were sought mostly during the weekends but now the trend has changed to a great extent, thanks to the incessant rainfall. 

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