WhatsApp’s new privacy policy to be effect from February 8

The largest social messaging platform has brought some new privacy policies from February 8, 2021, and those who won’t accept it will not be able to further use the app. 200 croreWhatsApp accounts have received an in-app notification about this. So the only option is to accept changes to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, or your WhatsApp account will be lost.  

The announcement in the app does not reveal further details. However, some information is obtained by clicking on the links. The notification message mentions the significant changes in how WhatsApp collects and processes users’ information and its partnership with parent company Facebook. The new privacy policy also showcases how WhatsApp partners with Facebook to offer integrations across the Facebook Company. There are also details on how the business uses Facebook services to store and manage data and chats.

 With the updated policy, WhatsApp receives or collects certain information from users to operate, provide, enhance, understand, customize, support, and market services to users, making the app better for users. WhatsApp may share all information about your business dealings with WhatsApp Services. The note also states that WhatsApp requires each of these businesses to comply with applicable law when users provide WhatsApp with any information. With this privacy policy, WhatsApp knows everything the user is doing and will take the necessary data.

In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company was working hard to merge Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, making it look like a connected interactive system. L WABetaInfo, which announces about WhatsApp update earlier, released a screenshot of the new terms and privacy policy updates in December last year. By reports, it is known that the next WhatsApp updates will include more information about the service and the processing of user data and also details on how businesses can use the services hosted by Facebook to store and manage chats.  The new term of WhatsApp will be in effect from February 8. The message reads, “After this date, if you want to continue using WhatsApp, you must accept the new rules, or you can delete your account permanently.” For the first time, WhatsApp is openly providing details about the user data collection and storage to all its users.

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