What To Pack for Travel during on Your Menstrual Cycle

For some, premenstrual phase is more painful as they experience headaches, swelling, weight gain, mood changes, etc. Besides, during the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), some also go through an emotional ride, feel bloated, and breast tenderness. And the first day of the cycle is a terrible experience for a few, whereas for some, the second day is the most painful, in terms of dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) causing unbearable pain in the lower abdomen. Some women, on the other hand, hardly feel anything. They spend those days like the usual ones, but with changing tampons or sanitary napkins.  

Image Credits: The Honey Pot

For the women falling under the first category, travelling during their ongoing menstruation seems risky whereas the remaining women falling under the second one seems doable. However, travelling while having menstrual cycle can be troublesome. With hormones throwing a fit, it could be hard to muster the courage to embark on that long-planned trek or much-awaited soiree to the sea. But do you really wish to cancel the plan and spend the days turning and tossing in bed when you have been saving for the trip for months? If no, then do not step down. Instead, plan it wisely. 

Here’s a guide on how to travel during your menstrual cycle and which kits to carry along: 

  • Menstrual cups, tampons, and sanitary napkins are a must to carry while travelling on periods. Keep some extra pads. Environment-friendly options are the best option if you are planning to go on a trek in the lap of nature.   
  • Ensure packing painkillers along with a heating pad and handwarmer as these will help you to have the pain reduced during your menstruation.  
  • Don’t forget to have plenty of rolls of tissue paper and plastic bags or biodegradable bags to dispose of your used sanitary napkins.   
  • Put an extra bottle of water in your rucksack and save it to wash your menstrual cup in a place, where getting enough water to maintain hygiene is a big deal.   
  • Hand sanitisers become a must to make sure that you feel fresh throughout your trip while menstruating.  
  • Stop by toilets if you find one. Finding toilets during treks feels like looking for water in deserts. However, you need to change your sanitary napkins periodically as it minimises the risk of leaks and keeps you sprightly.  
  • Carry chocolates of your choice. You may pack a bar or two of dark chocolates if you like.  
  • Pack books and enjoy reading them on the bounties of nature. Lastly, do not treat the trip as a handicap because you are menstruating. Instead, be prepared enough that you can enjoy it as much as possible. 

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